Sassuolo-Inter, parachutist lands on the field while Lukaku is kicking the penalty

Sassuolo-Inter, paracadutista atterra sul campo mentre Lukaku sta calciando il rigore

Paratrooper lands on the field while Lukaku is kicking the penalty

REGGIO EMILIA – A parachutist landed in the middle of the Mapei Stadium field where he was in Corso Sassuolo-Inter . It happened at 43 ', just before Lukaku beat the penalty kick with which Inter went to 3-1. The parachutist was quickly released by the stadium officials. The television images have not resumed what happened, but on social networks those of photographers and the public circulate.

Sassuolo-Inter, the chronicle

After the first defeat in the league against Juventus, Inter withdraws their claws and at the Mapei Stadium it is imposed against Sassuolo for 4-3. Excellent reaction but with so much suffering in the final for Conte's team, to sign with Lautaro Martinez and Lukaku both authors of a brace; the emiliani seals of Berardi, Djuricic and Boga are useless for the result, which only touch what would have been an incredible comeback. They pass just 70 seconds from the starting whistle and the Nerazzurri unblock them: Brozovic widens for Lautaro, the 'bull' adjusts the ball on the right and lets the winning lash start which beats Consigli for 1-0. The Argentine striker however incredibly fails the chance of doubling a little later, so the Neroverdi remain in the game and draw with a splendid goal by Berardi.

Equality in scoring and subsequently also in the canceled goals, given that Lautaro and then Caputo did not see their respective goals validated. Conte's team resumes playing the game after a small moment of confusion and at 38 'it returns ahead with Lukaku, who receives backs to the door from De Vrij and turns around and strikes right for the Inter 2-1. Before the break the Belgian also signed his personal double, making the penalty shot by Lautaro. 3-1 for Inter at the interval.

In the second half the guests continue to run the race looking for the goal that can definitively close the accounts, but Consigli keeps his family alive. So the neroverdi try, but neither Caputo nor Traorè find the right fortune for Handanovic. At 71 'Inter wrote the word on the match with another penalty kick, this time for a foul on Barella and made by Lautaro Martinez, who also scored with a double. The subsequent networks of Djuricic and Boga only make the defeat of Sassuolo less bitter, which, however, must be given a lot of credit for having believed until the end in a comeback that would have been epochal.

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