Sassuolo-Fiorentina 3-3: highlights, report cards and VIDEO GOL. Kevin Mirallas decisive

Sassuolo-Fiorentina 3-3: highlights, pagelle e VIDEO GOL. Kevin Mirallas decisivo

Sassuolo-Fiorentina 3-3: highlights, report cards and VIDEO GOL. Kevin Mirallas decisive

REGGIO EMILIA – A crazy ending gives an unexpected draw to Fiorentina and takes from the pocket of Sassuolo those three points that the team of De Zerbi thought he had already earned – saw that one minute from 90 'led 3-1 – savoring the taste of victory at home after months of abstinence. On the lawn of Reggio Emilia, both teams have sought success: to cultivate the dream of Europe and why, if Sassuolo did not play at home since September, Fiorentina has not taken the three points for two months.

Appointment again postponed for the violet satisfied for the escaped danger while it is to review the defensive phase of a Sassuolo that in general is well forward, but suffers too many goals. De Zerbi still without Boateng gives confidence to the former Babacar in the attacking trident with Di Francesco and Berardi. Defense to four with Ferrari and Marlon central, in the control room Sensi flanked by Bourabia and Duncan.

Several news in Fiorentina: a bench for the Church not at the top of the condition and Simeone. In attack Pjaca together with the young Vlahovic. First time flowing without gasps. Berardi tries at 15 'but his conclusion is rejected by Milinkovic. Fiorentina responds to the 17 'with Benassi kicking on the outside of the network. At 24 'Sensi's punishment forced Lafont to a diversion in the dive. The recovery was decidedly more lively, full of goals, a good six (and two expulsions) with Sassuolo gradually taking over. Pioli inserts Church and the road will change all the offensive front by including Simeone.

At 17 'Marlon saves the Sassuolo deviating in the corner Benassi's conclusion with the door of the house unguarded for the exit of Consigli. Immediately after the advantage of Sassuolo with Duncan which collects a deflection of Lafont and from outside the left area puts the ball almost at the intersection of the poles. The doubling of Sassuolo at 22 ': Duncan goes down on the left, the purple defense opens, shoulder on Babacar's feet that from two steps is not wrong. The race reopens at 25 'when the team Pioli shortens: the ball kicked by Edmilson ends on the pole, the winning tap is Simeone. 2-1.

The ending is still full of emotions. Third seal of the Sassuolo at 35 ': neroverde punishment, Berardi touches for Sensi that surprises Lafont for over thirty meters. The Sassuolo remains in ten at 41 'for the expulsion of Djuricic who takes two yellow in a minute. Fiorentina is not there and shortens again to 44 'with Benassi. Chiffi validates after the consultation of the Var. In the seven minutes of recovery everything happens: he is expelled Milinkovic while a few seconds from the end Miralles's goal extinguishes the euphoria of Sassuolo too early has tasted the taste of victory.

The report cards of the match

Sassuolo Fiorentina 3-3 (0-0) Sassuolo (4-3-3): Consigli 5, Lirola 5.5, Marlon 5.5, Ferrari 5.5, Rogerio 5.5, Duncan 6, Sensi 6, Bourabia 5 , 5 (34 'st, Magnanelli 5), Berardi 5.5, Babacar 6, (39' st, Matri sv) Di Francesco 5.5 (29 'st Djuricic 4). (28 Satalino, 79 Pegolo, 5 Lemos, 29 Trotta, 13 Peluso, 19 Odgaard, 23 Magnani, 73 Locatelli). All .: De Zerbi 5.5

Fiorentina (4-3-3): Lafont 5.5, Laurini 5.5, Pezzella 5.5, Milinkovic 4.5, Biraghi6, Edmilson 6.5, Veretout, 6 Benassi 6.5, Gerson 5.5 (31 'St Mirallas 6.5), Vlahovic 5.5 (10' St Simeon 7), Pkaca 5.5 (1 st Church 6.5) (33 Brancolini, 69. Dragowski, 5 Ceccherini, 6 Nordgaard, 7 Esseryc, 16 Hancko, 21 Sottil, 27 Graiciar, 77 Thereau). All .: Pegs 6

Referee: Chiffi of Padova 6 Goals: in the second half 17 'Duncan, 22' Babacar, 25 'Simeone, 35' Sensi, 44 'Benassi, 52' Miralles. Corners 10 to 6 for Fiorentina Recovery: 2 'and 7'.

Expelled: Djuricic 41 'St for a second yellow card (improper play and protests) and Milinkovic 46' St for a second yellow card (improper play) Ammoniti: Edmilson, Veretout, Benassi, Senses for improper play, Berardi for protests. Var: 1. Spectators: around 9,000

** THE GOALS – 17 'st: Duncan's venomous right-footed first-guessing from outside the box on the right corner after picking up a dismissal from goalkeeper Lafont. – 22 'st: Babacar from close range collects a perfect assist from the left of Duncan. All easy for the former purple who reiterates in the network of the left.

– 25 'st: Simeone collects the ball rejected by the post after Edmilosn's shot. All easy for the attacker – 35 'st: Third goal Sassuolo with a ballistic prowess of Sensi that from outside the area surprises Lafont – 44' st: Benassi shortens for Fiorentina: Consigli deflects the header of Edmilson, tap in winning of the purple midfielder – 52 'st equal Fiorentina with the descent on the left of Mirallas that surprises Consigli with a precise diagonal.

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The highlights of the match

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