Sarri: “That’s why I replaced Cristiano Ronaldo and what I think of his reaction”

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TURIN – Juventus won against Milan and returned to the top of the table. At the end of the match, Sarri commented on his team's performance and Cristiano Ronaldo's reaction when he switched to Sky Sport's microphones: "Today we suffered but we had the right spirit and we won. In the first part of the race, we were wrong too much in the construction phase, this must certainly be improved. Milan pulled into the goal but almost always from outside the area so at defensive level we played a good game.

They certainly have important dribbling qualities and today they did the best race of their season. Higuain is a very important player for us because he sacrifices himself on defense and is the author of excellent assists.

Ronaldo should be thanked because he made a sacrifice to play. He was not in optimal condition but despite this he made sacrifices to be there. So if he goes out and gets angry, he can stay there, it's not a problem. I appreciated his desire to be there, his desire for sacrifice to take the field.

Ronaldo's problem is not age, it's not old. He has recently suffered knee pain and collateral resentment. So when you are training intensely or playing games at high levels, you are accused of physical pain. So he also has difficulty when he shoots on goal.

I will not pull his ears, I will be tolerant, because when you take away a player who is giving everything, it is normal for us to be upset. In fact I also tell you that I would be worried about the contrary. It means that the player is alive, that he cares. That's fine for me then I will always decide for the best of the team, like tonight.

We had spent a lot of energy in the previous races, so we got a little tired at this end of the cycle before the National races. But I like the spirit shown by the team, its desire to win the game at all costs ”.

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