Sarri, scratch and curse word: “I win the Scudetto but am I criticized? Maybe I’m on somebody … “

Maurizio Sarri's show at the press conference before the match between Juventus and Udinese which could give him the first championship of his career.

First of all, Sarri let himself go to a superstitious scratch when the journalist named him the word 'shield', then gave an explanation in his own way …

“Do you ask me why I am criticized despite the victories? Maybe I'm on c … to someone, I can't find another explanation. "

Then the Juventus coach went on to say:

“I don't know why I continue to be criticized. But I am relatively interested in the opinions of journalists, I think I know more about it: I know all the difficulties we have to face, I have all the data to find out more to express an opinion.

I play sports, in sports the word 'close' means nothing: when you go close to scoring, you haven't done it. We are missing four points, it will be tiring and we must have the head on the individual games. We only think of Udinese, then of Sampdoria, then stop. We have to stay focused, being close doesn't mean anything.

The difficulty in the coexistence between Dybala and Ronaldo, two players of such a high level, I struggle to see it. In some moments of the game it may happen that we do not cover the penalty area well, but it is all compensated by the individual strength of the two players who have scored 51 goals this season.

I spoke with Cristiano 10 minutes ago and he told me that he feels great, he is a champion in the head and with such strong motivations he manages to overcome everything "(source Ansa, YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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