“Sarri out”, the fury of Juventus fans after the failed championship match point in Udine

Sarri is first and has the Scudetto in hand but the Juventus fans ask for his immediate sack after the knockout of Udine with the cry of 'Sarri out'.

The spark has never been struck between Maurizio Sarri and the Juventus fans. Today came the drop that broke the camel's back. Juve could have won the tricolor three days in advance by winning in Udine but a sensational defeat has come to Friuli.

Resounding and unthinkable defeat after a first half closed ahead with the goal scored by De Ligt. Juve played badly in the first half and worse in the second half. For this reason she was unable to manage the advantage of a goal at Udinese.

After Juventus' knockout, the hashtag 'Sarri out' went viral on social networks. In reality, the criticism of the coach had already begun under the tweet where Juventus announced the defeat of Udine.

Let's make a summary with the social criticisms of Juventus fans:

“Sarri has nothing to do with Juventus style. He has no class and he doesn't even have a winning game. In fact, he has never won anything in his life. See if it makes us lose a championship that we had practically already won.

One thing is clear, if the title were to arrive against Sampdoria it would not have been he who won it but the others who would lose it. Send him away and take Allegri back, otherwise Nedved and Paratici will also resign… ”.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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