Sarri-Juventus, Sacchi: “It is an important revolution”

Sarri-Juventus, Sacchi: "E' una rivoluzione importante"

Sarri-Juventus, Sacchi: "It is an important revolution". Photo ANSA / FLAVIO LO SCALZO

TORINO – Sarri-Juventus, comes the blessing of Sacchi. “It was a great pleasure for me to win Chelsea by Sarri. If not then they say it would have ended up in that category of coaches of which they say 'he is good and good but he never wins'. He won deservedly. He won a not easy game, he has excellent players, but in general they play little for the team ". This is how Arrigo Sacchi comments on the victory of Chelsea in the Europa League final at Radio Capital.

Then Sacchi goes on to talk about the right coach for Juventus. "I always thought that the coach should be both a writer and a director, while others play that role differently – explains Sacchi – I have a predilection for those who interpret it that way, and who give the team a style.

In Italy there are only 4 or 5, which are good strategists and give their team an impression. All the others are just tacticians. Sarri has shown that he knows how to give his teams a style, an identity. Sarri at Juventus would be an important revolution ".

Andrea Barzagli, from the retreat at the Juventus Museum.

A curtain with Buffon, Bonucci and Chiellini enlivened the delivery to the Juventus Museum of Barzagli's jersey, fresh from retirement from football. The companions of one of the most stainless defenses, the BBC or BBBC, have emerged from behind a museum totem. The 4 exchanged pats on the shoulders and jokes.

"The fact is that I stop before Gigi," joked Barzagli to Buffon. The goalkeeper admitted that he had forgotten the most incredible defensive game mentioned by Chiellini, in Italy-England at the World Cup: "A desperate intervention that could only turn into an own goal – said Chiellini – and instead Andrea managed to save the door".

The admiration of Bonucci is instead for the timing of Barzagli: "I looked at him in training and I was wondering 'how is it possible for a defender who never uses the slip …', but he always arrived first on the ball, and clean '. "One of my strength – Buffon said – was him, I have to say thank you if my career was so long" (source Ansa).

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Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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