Sarri criticized by Juventus fans but he is not upset: “Scudetto? There is time until August 2nd … “

Between Sarri and the first Scudetto with Juventus, only Sampdoria is involved. A victory over the Blucerchiati is enough to win the tricolor with two days in advance.

After the defeat against Udinese, Juventus fans began to fiercely criticize Sarri on social networks. In fact, the Bianconeri only needed a victory in Friuli to win the championship with three rounds in advance.

And instead came an unexpected defeat. According to the fans who criticize him, Sarri is the main responsible for this championship which is slow to arrive. Obviously these fans are nostalgic for Allegri, the coach who coached Juve until last year.

Sarri was not taken so much for the championship, since for Juventus he would be the ninth consecutive championship, as for the Champions League.

In fact, according to Juventus executives, Sarri's game would be the secret weapon to win even in Europe. At the moment things are not going very well even there since Juve will have to make up for the defeat suffered in the first leg in Lyon.

The coach is playing his future in the Champions League but in the meantime he will have to take home the championship with an internal victory over a Sampdoria that has nothing more to ask for in this championship.

Meanwhile Sarri takes it with philosophy:

“Clearly our goal is to win the championship. Getting there close is useless. But we didn't give up anything. It's all about winning not when you win. The truth is that we will try to beat Sampdoria but otherwise we have time until August 2nd … ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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