Sarri: “Are they not giving us penalties anymore? Let’s put the striped shirt back on… ”. It doesn’t go down to Juventus fans

Sarri: "Non ci danno più i rigori? Rimettiamo la maglia a strisce...". Agli juventini non va giù

Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri (Ansa)

ROME – He just wanted to make a joke, it will be that Sarri is perhaps not the best as a communicator, the fact is that his ironic side Juventus fans, his fans, do not understand it at all. Especially if he ventures, as he did after the defeat against Napoli , to talk about penalties. Someone in the press room asks him, between the evil and the amused, if he always agrees that to get a penalty you have to have a striped shirt.

The answer will not remain without consequences: “In fact, this year we are no longer striped, we had 6 penalties in favor and 6 against playing twice as many balls in the opponent's area: it will be that. Maybe it's time to redo the old-fashioned shirts ”. He never said that.

The fiercest defenders of Juventus supporters felt betrayed. But how, is it a life that they unjustly accuse of arbitrary favoritism and you who have just arrived give him the right reason? Let's also add the caress to his former players and to the team that made him great, the average fan is clear that he does not take it well at all.

“Naples represents a particular stage for me, it is always pleasant and exciting to go back. I am fond of these players, I will always be. If I had to lose, I might as well have lost with them, even if I hoped they could get up next week. " Beautiful words, gratitude is a value … Not so much if you speak well of a visceral enemy. He will have to learn Sarri diplomacy. At the cost of being trivial and obvious, otherwise the fan does not understand. For irony and subtleties, change channels. (source Tim Serie A)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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