Sara Croce, from the alleged two of spades to Cristiano Ronaldo to the hot rumors about Gianmarco Fiory

ROME – Sara Croce at the center of gossip. The girl, known to the general public for the role of 'Bonas' in the broadcast of Mediaset 'Avanti un altro', has been joined to several players. In short, the binomial showgirl-player never goes out of style.

According to what Alberto Dandolo wrote for , the Cross, in the past, would have said that it had given the two of spades to Cristiano Ronaldo. Not only that, in the last hours she would have been the protagonist of effusions on a rock of Capri with the Gozzano footballer Gianmarco Fiory.

According to what Dandolo wrote, in the trendy clubs of Capri nothing else would be mentioned. At the moment these are only rumors because neither the Cross nor Fiory have ever spoken of their alleged flirtation.

In fact, on their social profiles there are neither posts, nor stories about their alleged romantic relationship. So at the moment it is nothing more than a summer gossip to be verified.

Gianmarco Fiory, that's who the player who would have bewitched Sara Croce is.

Fiory is a 30-year-old goalkeeper who was born in enchanting Capri. At the moment he plays in Serie C with Gozzano but at the beginning of his career he trained in a prestigious youth sector such as Juventus.

Then Fiory started traveling around the country in search of luck. In fact, the goalkeeper has dressed so many shirts.

Here are the teams where Fiory played: Sorrento, Savona, Casale, Juve Stabia, Arzanese, Pavia, Lumezzane and precisely Gozzano.

In love there is no curriculum, only the feeling counts. The Cross would go from an almost flirtation with a star like Cristiano Ronaldo to a Serie C player.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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