Sandro Tonali told by his first coach: “He was already a phenomenon. Two touches and zero celebrations “

The story of Sandro Tonali is that of a predestined one. The words of his first coach: "He played two touches and never cheered".

Sandro Tonali is only 20 years old but has already earned a place in the Milan squad and in the national team.

The baby phenomenon of Italian football is told by Davide Gatti, president of Lombardia Uno and first coach of Tonali in Pulcini.

Gatti was interviewed by the Gazzetta dello Sport. Let's start with the words with which he greeted Tonali at the end of the experience of the new AC Milan player with Lombardia Uno.

“Dear Sandro or rather Il Fenomeno, this experience lived together was simply exceptional. I hope that one day on TV they will mention a great champion, Sandro Tonali ”.

Then, here are his statements to the Gazzetta dello Sport:

“Why didn't Milan and Inter notice him? At that age one often looks at the technique, the ability to jump the opponent in one on one. Sandro was playing two touches in the middle of the field, he was already ahead, he was modern: that's why they didn't notice him.

His parents brought him here with his brother Enrico because Sandro was a Milan player and our sports centers have been affiliated with Milan since we were born in 1994 – he says -.

Despite being only a child, Sandro already knew where he wanted to go.

I know it sounds too fictional, but that was what struck you about him: he had a professional attitude, he enjoyed himself like the others but with an almost adult awareness.

So it doesn't surprise me that he is so mature today, despite still being twenty: he has only worked on the qualities he has always had.

He always knew where to put himself to steal the ball from his opponents and send his teammates into goal. He was much better than the others, but you never saw him overdo it.

When he was discarded at the Milan auditions, he was disappointed, but fate gave him a good revenge. He is at Milan after being one step away from Inter: their observers had also come at the time, but nothing came of it.

He only celebrated when the match was going uphill and scoring was really hard for him. It was not arrogance, he lived football like this.

Once, during a Christmas tournament, he burst into tears in the last game: not because he had won or lost, but because he wanted to keep playing. We teamed him up with the older ones.

His parents come to visit us every year, now it's his turn – smiles Gatti -. Soon he will have no more excuses ”(source La Gazzetta dello Sport ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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