Sanchez and Moses will play the Europa League with Inter, an agreement reached with their clubs

MILAN- On the sidelines of Inter's goal against Brescia ( here the in-depth analysis of the game ), Marotta took stock of the transfer market. Sanchez and Moses will also remain in the Nerazzurri for the Europa League next August while Tonali is not yet official.

The declarations issued by the Inter manager to Dazn's microphones are reported by Corriere dello Sport.

"For Moses and Sanchez we have reached agreements in extremis, different from each other – his words to Dazn before Inter-Brescia – In any case we will have them for the playoff with Getafe (the eighth final of the Europa League in single race, in early August, ed).

This, from my point of view, represents an anomaly that I had already reported some time ago.

It is unthinkable to think of playing an important competition like the Europa League without players registered for this season ".

“Sandro Tonali painted with the Inter shirt on Suning's TV? They painted the younger player if he plays. It is a wish of youth that Inter wants to have next year too.

Sandro Tonali not only likes me, but a lot of Italians who are football experts and today we have not yet dealt with Brescia despite the excellent relationship with Massimo Cellino "(source Il Corriere dello Sport ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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