San Siro Stadium, vibrations to the third ring: six sectors closed for precautionary purposes

Stadio San Siro vibrazioni chiusi settori

The San Siro stadium in a photo from the Ansa archive

MILAN – Six sectors of the third ring of the San Siro stadium in Milan will remain closed to the public throughout the next football championship 2019-2020, for a total of 2,350 fewer seats. The decision was taken by the Provincial Supervisory Commission and implemented by the Municipality of Milan and MI Stadium, after surveys by the technical commission of which the Politecnico is also a part, of the phenomenon of vibrations that are felt particularly in those points.

It is a "management" solution, as explained by the technicians of Palazzo Marino during an inspection by the municipal councilors at the Meazza, in fact there is no security problem but the goal is to prevent the fear among the fans who can feel the vibrations.

There is therefore no security issue related to San Siro that, according to the technicians, "moves and is normal to do so". The sectors that will remain closed to the public will be the 349-351-352 of the third green ring and the 307-309-310 of the third blue ring.

Vibrations recorded at the San Siro, Inter and Milan took position in April with a joint note: "The stadium is safe".

The checks carried out by Inter and Milan on the San Siro stadium fall within the "constant monitoring" to which the plant is subjected by the Milan Polytechnic, the two Milanese clubs said in the joint note to ANSA.

After the vibration phenomenon "detected on 7 April in a specific sector of the third ring, exceeding the normal parameters", the two clubs recall, "the necessary procedures have been activated by the Municipality of Milan (owner of the plant), verifying extent, dynamics and possible impacts.

Also on the basis of the results of the analysis conducted by the structural expert, the Provincial Supervisory Commission confirmed the presence of the conditions of viability of the stadium contextually adopting certain operational management measures of the public destined to the third ring such as not to interfere with the overall usability of the plant services ”(source Ansa).

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