Sampdoria-Turin 1-4, report cards: Belotti better in the field

Sampdoria-Turin 1-4, report cards: Belotti better in the field

Sampdoria-Turin 1-4, report cards: Belotti best in the field (Ansa)

GENOA – A victory to the taste of Europe for Torino that takes the Ferraris by defeating Sampdoria 4-1 thanks to Belotti's networks and flies in the standings to sixth place. Blucerchiati outclassed for all ninety minutes with the Granata never in trouble since the initial advantage of the 'Gallo' in the first half. For the men of Mazzarri also Falque and Izzo with Quagliarella scored a sign that made the defeat for Sampdoria less bitter.

Torino more aggressive in the first minutes with Sampdoria who struggles to build a ferocious pressure of the grenade players. Pressure that first produces a high header of Belotti and then turns into the advantage that arrives at 12 'thanks to Belotti on a cross from the right by De Silvestri. Network arrived with Sampdoria in ten for an injury to Barreto forced to leave and leave the place to Linetty. The goal produces a sterile reaction of the blucerchiati with a shot of Praet blocked by Sirigu and a conclusion of Caprari in turn that is lost at the bottom.

The hosts are struggling with the suffocating markings of the men of Mazzarri, today in the stands for disqualification. Only after half an hour Giampaolo's men manage to be more incisive but Sirigu first on the head of Quagliarella and the defense on an insertion of Ekdal save Torino. At 39 'with Sampdoria forward a launch from his three-quarters triggers Belotti in the area is stretched out by Audero. For Rocchi, even after a silent check with the Var, it is rigorous that Belotti himself is not mistaken when he gets rid of Audero. No change at the return from the locker room but Sampdoria looking for the goal that could reopen the race.

The Torino controls without too many worries while Giampaolo plays the Defrel card, not at its best. The move does not bring the desired effects and at the first offensive action of the guests comes the third goal. De Silvestri from the right puts in the middle, on the second pole Aina head backwards for the coming Falque flying Audero. At 18 'but a too impetuous intervention by Baselli on Praet leads to the second penalty of the match that Quagliarella first is rejected but then is the fastest to reiterate in the network.

Goals that reignite the hopes of the owners who believe in the comeback and launch forward. However, there are important spaces for the guests who at the 26 'touch the poker at the end of a counterattack orchestrated by Aina serving Belotti in the area, the Gallo turns on the fly but Audero is ready to get ready, rejecting the shot. However, Torino wants to close the game and manages it for half an hour.

Corner, the first of the race, of Berenguer, Belotti touches her in the area but the fastest, thanks to an immovable defense, is Izzo who only has to support the net. Poker effectively closes the race and for Torino it is the sixth consecutive useful result.

The Sampdoria-Turin report cards 1-4 (0-2)

Sampdoria (4-3-1-2): Audero 5.5, Bereszynski 4.5, Tonelli 5, Andersen 5, Murru 6, Barreto sv (14 'pt Linetty 6), Ekdal 5.5, Praet 6, Saponara 5.5 (8'st Defrel 5.5 ), Quagliarella 5.5, Caprari 4.5 (34 'st Kownacki sv). (33 Cabral, 72 Belec, 4 Vieira, 7 Sala, 11 Ramirez, 14 Jankto, 15 Colley, 22 Tavares, 25 Ferrari). All.:Giampaolo 5.

Turin (3-5-2): Sirigu 6.5, Izzo 7, N'koulou 7, Djidji 7, De Silvestri 7.5, Baselli 6, Rincon 6 (39 'st Soriano sv), Meité 6.5, Aina 6.5, Falque 6.5 (24 'St Berenguer 6), Belotti 7.5 (37'st Zaza sv). (1 Ichazo, 25 Rosati, 3 Lyanco, 7 Lukic, 15 Ansaldi, 20 Edera, 24 Moretti, 27 Parigini, 36 Bremer). All.:Frustalupi 7

Referee: Rocchi di Firenze 6. Goals: 12 'pt Belotti, 43' pt Belotti (rig). 11 'st Falque, 20' st Quagliarella, 33 'st Izzo. Angles: 2-0 for Turin. Recovery: 2 'and 4'. Ammonites: Praet, Rincon, Ekdal, Meité for improper play. Var: 0. Spectators: 20364 of which subscribers 17057 and paying 3307.

*** THE GOLS: – 12 'pt: cross from the right of De Silvestri, Belotti on the second pole crosses the head by beating Audero. – 43 'pt: Audero out hangs Belotti, a penalty that Belotti himself is not wrong displacing the goalkeeper Blucerchiato.

– 11 'st: De Silvestri's cross, Aina heads back for Falque who defeats Audero on the left.

– 20 'st: Quagliarella after being rejected by Sirigu a penalty, awarded for foul by Baselli on Praet, is the fastest to reiterate in goal. – 33 'st: On the developments of a corner Izzo reaffirms in the accomplice network an immobile blucerchiata defense.

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