Sampdoria, Ferrero: “We don’t want to go back to playing. How do I explain it to Gabbiadini? “

GENOA – Massimo Ferrero as Massimo Cellino. The number one of Sampdoria does not want to go back to playing with the threat of the coronavirus that still looms over the whole world.

This is explained by Ferrero himself during an interview with Il Secolo XIX.

"Playing … do you understand? Imagine Gabbiadini, he had the coronavirus, he has recently recovered and I must tell him maybe that in May he returns to the field. It is not a machine, which is turned off and on again. And what head will he have to play …

Who will go to the stadium? People with masks? Just talk to each other. Let's face this moment with head and dignity ”.

A few days ago, Ferrero had expressed the same concepts during an interview released on Radio Radio.

“For me, the Serie A championship ended with this ranking. I'm sorry for Lotito who will certainly hate me but life goes on like this … next year the championship could be twenty-two teams to reward the first two of the Serie B without relegating anyone from Serie A ".

“What Serie A should be next year? The same as this year. For me the championship ends here. Next year we could play 22 teams. "

“Which Benevento has 69 points to say? It cannot stand by and watch. Scudetto? I know Lotito will hate me but that's how life is. For me it ends like this, with these positions. This is the direction to take. "

“Let's make a guess, they give us a month of preparation, then we'll have to do twelve games. We arrive in August. What happens with the next championship? Let's start talking about the after, not the before. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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