Salzburg wins the Austrian Cup, celebrations with social distancing VIDEO

SALZBURG (AUSTRIA) – Salzburg won the first trophy awarded during the coronavirus.

The Red Bull team triumphed in the Austrian Cup by winning five to zero against Austria Lustenau.

On the field there was no history because Salzburg is a club that in recent years has also done well in European cups while Austria Lustenau plays in the Austrian Serie B and has reached the final against all odds.

Salzburg ended the games in the first half thanks to the goal Szoboszlai and Stumberger's own goal.

In the second half the Red Bull team rounded off the result with goals from Kafor, Ashimeru and Koita.

But everyone was waiting for the first award during phase two of coexistence with the coronavirus.

Here's how it went.

Everything happened in strict respect of social distancing.

Let's say that everything went smoothly thanks to the fact that there was no history in the field.

So the happiness of the Salzburg players was relative as well as the disappointment of the Serie B players.

The players received the medal individually and were spaced two meters apart.

Same goes also on the delivery of the cup.

The captain was spaced out from the other teammates and raised the trophy alone.

Even the fans respected the social distancing!

Salzburg fans followed the game in the car, in a kind of drive in.

Then everyone celebrated in their car by honking their horn.

This is football in the days of the coronavirus … (YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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