Salvini, the only one who did not do it: when he said it right on Higuain

Matteo Salvini, l'unica che non gli hanno fatto la ola: quando l'ha detta giusta su Higuain

Salvini, the only one who did not do it: when he said it right on Higuain (photo Ansa)

ROME – Salvini, the only one who did not do it. The only time in weeks and months that televisions and newspapers have not committed themselves to spread and expand. The only time the social networks have hesitated in likes. The only time that the public opinion organized (let's call it that, in strict parallel with the way we call football cheering organized what is certain to cheer but it is also other and beyond) has not made the ola to Salvini speaking was when …

When, when ever? Salvini who in the polls is more or less 30 percent and is envious of Di Maio who does not keep pace. Salvini who dominates the speeches of people, both on the street, both in the salons, both at the bar and in the office or subway. Salvini that he is so good, in communicating and doing. Salvini that "I speak as a father" and also as a minister and also as an Italian. When, when organized public opinion has never done so, has it failed to do so since this summer, since Salvini is the government?

The only time they did not do it was when Salvini said it right on Higuain . Salvini ("da papà, from milanista and from minister") has said, rather it has marked that he had "been ashamed" for the decomposed reaction of Higuain in comparison of the referee. Salvini said that if any guy who plays football in the hundred thousand camps of Italy sees on TV one that does so, then that guy feels authorized to do the same, to do the fat and the bully. Salvini said that it is intolerable that one or "paid millions to contain oneself" is not contained.

Salvini said it right and full: the scenographies of the professional players in the field are indecent and dangerous. They are not adrenaline that is there, as in a complex and conspiratorial manner, often tell journalists involved in the work. I am without justification and alibi. Without attenuating more or less fans or lobby and are harmful to the community.

Perhaps this time, the only time, they did not do it to Salvini. Because he condemned, branded and was ashamed of what not the few but the many do. Yes, because in the fields and in minor tournaments, even children, even children, to rant against the referee, to threaten him always, insult him always, always intimidating him and sometimes to put his hands on him are the parents. Parents are good normal people or, to put it better, ordinary people. They are the parents of children and boys who play, instigate, insult, and raise violence.

And it is the fans, especially the so-called organized supporters, who teach and practice the demolition of the referee, of the idea itself there can be an arbiter. And it is the players, even and above all the most professional professionals there is, to practice the simulation in the field. Systematic simulation, which is unfortunately only seen in football. And that football actually accepts as an event … natural.

Salvini for once went against the wind, against the real wind of real people. And so for once they did not do it. Not just public organized opinion. Salvini had asked for Higuain a "long disqualification, very long". Disqualification gave him two days, a short disqualification by the government of football. And Milan has also made an appeal! In the name of the unwritten law of football for which the referee ugly, in short, there is?

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