Salvatore Cocimano marks and embraces the sick mother. VIDEO

Salvatore Cocimano segna e va ad abbracciare la mamma malata. VIDEO

Salvatore Cocimano scores and goes to embrace the sick mother. VIDEO from YouTube

MESSINA – A footballer with a heart of gold. Salvatore Cocimano has chosen a way to exult after the goal that really moved everyone. Cocimano scored the second goal in Messina's 2-0 win against Palmese. An important network that has decided to celebrate in a unique way. After scoring 2-0, Sasa Cocimano took the stand to hug his sick mother. We do not know if he had promised him or not but judging by the emotion of both, it seems a gesture born on the spot. A very heartfelt gesture that received many shares on social networks because it really touched everyone, even the opposing fans.

Salvatore Cocimano, his career as a footballer at a glance.

Sasà Cocimano was born in Catania, Sicily, on 27 September 1990. He is 28 years old, 182 cm tall and plays in midfield. He has both offensive qualities and skills in the interdiction phase. During his career as a footballer, he wore the shirts of Palazzolo, Acireale and Messina.

During this season, Messina used him mainly in two roles: that of central midfielder and that of left-wing midfielder. He is a very flexible midfielder who can play in all midfield roles because he is both technical and dynamic.

The YouTube video with the noble gesture of Cocimano towards the sick mother.

The article Salvatore Cocimano marks and embraces the sick mother. VIDEO seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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