Salerno, Daspo 5 years to the player: gave a head to the referee

Salerno, daspo di 5 anni al calciatore: diede una testata all'arbitro

Salerno, 5-year-old daspo to the player: he gave a head to the referee (Photo archive Ansa)

SALERNO – Five-year Daspo for a 32-year-old player who hit the referee on Sunday 18 November. The decision was taken by the Quaestor of Salerno.

The episode occurred at the "San Nicola di Bari" sports field in Stella Cilento (Salerno) during the second category championship match between Asd Folgore Acquavella and Asd Atletik Torchiara.

In the last minutes of the meeting, the referee gave a free kick to the visiting team, triggering the protests of the players of the opposing team who surrounded the referee, blatantly contesting the decision. Instigated moments, during which the footballer of the home team suddenly launched a head to the referee who was rescued and medicated at the "San Luca" hospital in Vallo della Lucania, where he was found to have a commotional head injury judged healable in ten days.

Following this episode the game was suspended and the player was reported by the local police station for violence during sporting events . In consideration of the seriousness of the behavior held, the quaestor of Salerno has issued the injunction, to a maximum of five years, against the player.

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