Sala, mayor of Milan, reveals: “New San Siro? Probable public competition “

Sala, sindaco di Milano, svela: “Nuovo San Siro? Probabile concorso pubblico”

Sala, mayor of Milan, reveals: "New San Siro? Probable public competition ".

MILAN – The mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, this morning met with the heads of Inter and Milan, who next week will present him with a proposal for the new city stadium to be built in the San Siro area.

"What they told us is that they are very likely to make an open invitation competition – he said on the sidelines of a public appointment -. And so one thing that we should not expect and you shouldn't expect, will be the rendering of the stadium because they seem to me to be determined to make an open invitation competition. They mentioned that they would also like to invite architectural firms that already have experience in stadium construction ".

Of the project for the new stadium that Milan and Inter would like to carry out "I didn't see anything, next week they will deliver everything and at that point I will ask the offices, before expressing any judgment, to look at the coherence of the project with our rules first of all" .

Thus the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, spoke of the visit he called "courtesy" received today by the managers of the two Milanese teams, "before bringing the file" with the dossier "which will be a very substantial thing, and they will do it next week".

The teams "explained to me the reasons why they believe the new stadium is the optimal solution", instead of the restructuring of San Siro which would be the best solution for the Municipality of Milan. "The risk for them is to run the sport for a long period in a stadium where there are jobs, there are examples of cities where this happens."

Giuseppe Sala, known as Beppe, is a politician, business manager and Italian public manager, mayor of Milan and the metropolitan city since 21 June 2016. He was the sole commissioner of Expo 2015 from 2013 to 2015 and was a director delegate of Expo 2015 SpA from 2010 to 2016 (source: Ansa).

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