Saha, the background: “When Van Nistelrooy made Cristiano Ronaldo cry …”

MANCHESTER (ENGLAND) – Van Nistelrooy made Cristiano Ronaldo cry when the two played together in Manchester United.

This was revealed by Saha, their former teammate in the Red Devils, during an interview with Four Four Two.

“Meanwhile, it must be said that Van Nistelrooy had a huge ego, he wanted to receive all the steps and he wanted to feel the undisputed leader of the team.

So the Dutchman made Cristiano Ronaldo cry in front of everyone to reiterate his leadership in the locker room.

The episode dates back to 2005, when Cristiano Ronaldo's dad had just died of alcohol-related problems.

Van Nistelrooy did not have the sensitivity to keep silent even in such a dramatic moment.

While Ronaldo was talking to Queiroz, who was Ferguson's deputy, Van Nistelrooy made fun of him by saying: "You have found a new dad …".

Queiroz scolded him immediately but this did not help to avoid Cristiano Ronaldo's crying .

Van Nistelrooy was like this, it was not easy for young champions like Ronaldo and Rooney to get away with it … but this certainly reinforced their character.

Upon learning of the episode, Sir Alex Ferguson punished Ruud Van Nistelrooy by driving him out of training.

A little consolation for Cristiano Ronaldo but it was a right decision because he shouldn't have behaved in that way … ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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