Sacks like Ancelotti: “We suspend matches in case of insults”

Sacchi come Ancelotti: "Sospendiamo le partite in caso di insulti"

Sacks like Ancelotti: "We suspend matches in case of insults" (Ansa)

ROME – Arrigo Sacchi marries the idea of ​​Napoli coach Carlo Ancelotti to suspend the races in case of insults: "I totally agree. Italy has illuminated the world until the Renaissance, now we are penultimate in enrollment at universities. For the desire to win we have removed all the values. In order to win we have approached the most questionable fringes of the cities, also giving money to urlassero against the adversaries ".

Sacchi, on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the "Sport Movies & Tv Festival", supports the work done in the national team by coach Roberto Mancini: "We must be confident in a disaffected country. Pessimism brings nothing, if not to disintegration. We need optimism, believe in it and invest a little more on the many young people we have ".

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What Ancelotti had said

"It is difficult if not impossible to be insulted in England, while in France there is not the passion that exists in Spain and in Italy. People are not so involved and involved. In Spain there is a strong rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid but not the rudeness that exists in Italian stadiums. But the races can be suspended for this ".

Carlo Ancelotti, in Coverciano for the delivery of the 2017-2018 Golden Bench, pushes for immediate action commenting on the episode of Josè Mourinho who, at the end of Juventus-Manchester United, reacted with a provocative gesture saying he was insulted for 90 '.

"Now we have an advantage, that is, we can suspend matches," says Ancelotti. It has stopped for the rain and can stop even if it insults, it can be done and I think we will do it. In Italy, at the level of culture we are back, we still think that a football match is a battle, but it is an event and rudeness must no longer enter ".

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