Rugby player disqualified for one year for biting off his opponent’s ear

Rugby, giocatore squalificato un anno per aver staccato a morsi l'orecchio ad un avversario

A rugby ball in an Ansa archive photo

TREVISO – Riccardo Amadeus Fabris, a 25-year-old pylon, was sentenced to 12 months of disqualification and 12 months of interdiction for cutting off part of an opponent's ear. The serious event happened during the match of the Italian C2 rugby championship between Grifoni Oderzo Treviso and Pedemontana Livenza Polcenigo (Pordenone). Riccardo Amadeus Fabris , 25, has bitten off part of the ear of Marco Chesani, 34.

The statement that the sports club Grifoni Rugby Oderzo Asd published on Facebook immediately after the match against Pedemontana Livenza Polcenigo:

"Following the events that took place during the match on 16 December at the Pedemontana Livenza home, the sports club Grifoni Rugby Oderzo Asd, by unanimous decision of the Board of Directors, decided to temporarily suspend the player deployed from the left pylon from the sports activities in the game in question .

The reasons for this decision lie, on the one hand, in the need to protect the athlete from possible retaliation by third parties during future competitions, thus limiting the exposure of the same to the hostile attitudes put in place by the press so far sector. On the other hand, in the opportunity to wait for the outcome of the investigations that the Federal Prosecutor's Office will want to dispose of, however trusting in the authenticity of the statements made by the athlete ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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