Ronaldo, direct Instagram with Vieri: “We played too little together …”

MILAN – Ronaldo and Vieri have also joined the live broadcasts on Instagram among former footballers.

It is both a pastime during this coronavirus quarantine and a way of interacting with their fans.

The first to speak was Vieri:

“I came to play at Inter because Ronaldo was there. I've always dreamed of playing with you.

I only gave my ok to Lippi after I heard about your stay in Milan.

We played together for three years but unfortunately we took the field very few times together between injuries and various problems … ".

Then spoke Ronaldo:

“Thank you for these nice words. I too had a great desire to play with you because you did well everywhere, you were a great center forward.

Together we only played eleven games, in one of which I was also sent off.

To take this red I did not choose any game but the derby … we won 1 to 0, then I was sent off and we lost 2-1.

After the defeat, Lippi took it out on me in the locker room. He practically massacred me for that expulsion …

We played little together because at that time I was suffering from bad tendonitis.

The biggest regret? The lost championship … then I left because Moratti preferred Cuper to me … ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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