Ronaldo actor? “There is life after football, I think of a film in Hollywood”

Ronaldo attore? "C'è vita dopo il calcio, penso ad un film a Hollywood"

Cristiano Ronaldo (Ansa)

DUBAI – "There is a life after football, and I have to be ready to do things I don't know how to do, like to participate in a Hollywood movie: I want to prepare myself to act": the announcement comes from Cristiano Ronaldo.

From Dubai, on the sidelines of the Globe Soccer Awards, the Juventus forward spoke of his wishes for the future, including the acting: "I want to continue winning, but he is realizing that there is a life after, football and I have to be ready to overcome obstacles and do things I can't do. For example, participating in a Hollywood movie, acting at the top is something I want to prepare for. "

“In football I don't happen to sleep on the eve anymore, so I want to get out of my comfort zone. When you do it, it's a great challenge and I like challenges: I want to surprise myself first and then the others, and continue to reach goals. I also want to always learn in football and in life: I have four children and if they ask me something and I can't answer, I am ashamed, so I have to educate myself, because I couldn't study much because of football, "he said.

Then he added: “When I was 26-27 years old I started to be more curious about life, to learn more, to speak better English and to read a good book that makes your intelligence and culture grow. There is life after football, it is important to remember it: winning more Golden Balls and Champions makes me happier but it is only one stage ". (Source: Ansa)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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