Ronaldinho defeated in prison, a soccer killer and a thief triumph

ASUNCION (PARAGUAY) – Although his legal position has worsened , as he is accused of money laundering by the Paraguayan authorities, Ronaldinho has not lost his smile even in prison.

The former AC Milan footballer spent his fortieth birthday in Asuncion prison, now, after socializing with several inmates, he tries to spend his days in the name of football.

Meanwhile, it must be said that Ronaldinho is not a prisoner like everyone else, his arrival in the Paraguayan "fortress" has brought great enthusiasm.

Dinho is a popular footballer all over the planet but in South America he is practically a deity.

So every day he is approached by dozens of prisoners who want to spend pleasant moments with what is an authentic idol for them.

Ronaldinho plays soccer and football tennis every day, two disciplines that highlight, as if needed, his excellent technique.

But not all the donuts come out of the hole, after winning and dominating the soccer match, Ronaldinho knocked out tennis (especially because of another inmate who was his teammate …).

Ronaldinho and co. they lost tennis football against two former policemen who ended up in jail for murder and robbery respectively.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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