Rome transfer market: Kumbulla, there is an agreement with Verona. Also contact for De Paul

Transfer market Rome, Kumbulla is one step away because the Giallorossi have found an agreement with Verona. Contact for De Paul.

The Rome transfer market comes alive with Kumbulla and De Paul. For the former, an agreement with Verona would have been reached, while the latter would have just been contacted.

Therefore, according to what was written by Corriere dello Sport, Roma would be about to snatch Kumbulla from Inter and Lazio because they would have presented a higher offer than that of the other two pretenders to the player.

But it is not only this, it must also be said that Roma have an excellent relationship with Verona after the passage of the Turkish Cetin from the capital in Veneto.

Precisely on the occasion of the transfer of the Turk to Verona, Rome, in great secret, would have struck a transfer market negotiation with the Venetians.

However, Kumbulla's move to Roma would make both clubs happy.

Verona, which has already replaced him with Cetin, would collect the beauty of 30 million euros between loan and subsequent redemption, while Roma would finally go to take a central defender after the complications for Smalling's return.

With Kumbulla, Roma would find the third central holder to be joined by Mancini and Ibanez.

The Giallorossi have already reached an agreement with the boy on the basis of a five-year contract worth two million euros per season.

If with Kumbulla Roma would have moved ahead of the others, the same cannot be said for De Paul.

In fact, the Udinese player would be one step away from Leeds, a Premier League club. Roma's attempt is late and desperate.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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