Rome transfer market, attempt for Favilli. Fonseca confirms Kalinic and Cetin

Calciomercato Roma, tentativo per Favilli. Fonseca conferma Kalinic e Cetin

Rome transfer market, attempt for Favilli. The Genoa center forward follows many Giallorossi on Instagram

ROME – A few hours after the closing of the transfer market in January, Paulo Fonseca took stock of the purchases and sales of the Giallorossi, his statements are reported by the Corriere dello Sport: “We purchased three young players also thinking about the future of Rome. Florenzi instead went to Valencia on loan. I always said that I don't like the winter transfer market, it's not easy to find players. We have taken three players for the future.

Florenzi? We had a serene, very direct conversation. Florenzi is a great professional, he has always been here with a great captain attitude. We talked and he wanted to play more and I couldn't promise him. He had this chance to go to Valencia and left on his own will. The situation is very simple ".

Calciomercato Roma, Kalinic and Cetin remain. Favilli goal.

Fonseca also spoke to the press about Kalinic and Cetin's confirmations: “Kalinic? Yes, he will remain in Rome. It is not easy to find an attacker right now. Kalinic has six months of work with us, getting another quality striker to come at the moment is not easy. It should stick to our game. If we change, we have to do it for a ready player and it is not easy to find it ”.

“I feel confident with these full backs. Santon is in a good time, Peres is getting better every day, he is offensively strong. Cetin remains, he is not a full back but he can play it if we need to defend better. Spinazzola can also play on the right, even if he doesn't like to play with it ".

The transfer market of Rome is not necessarily finished because Petrachi is looking for a young center forward to work alongside Dzeko and Kalinic, the profile chosen is that of Favilli of Genoa. From this point of view, there is also a social clue as Favilli, in the last hours, has started following many Roma players on Instagram.

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