Rome, the transition from Pallotta to Friedkin by the end of the year?

As Roma, il passaggio da James Pallotta a Dan Friedkin entro la fine dell'anno?

Rome, Ansa pictured James Pallotta and Dan Friedkin

ROME – As Roma is about to move from James Pallotta to Dan Friedkin : a handover between wealthy Americans. Even in the last few hours, the two entrepreneurs have continued the talks concerning the club, but – for the moment – the silence and confidentiality reigning typical of the final stages of this type of business. Silence (very indicative) also on the declarations of one of the lawyers involved in the affair that in the past few hours had declared to the portal that "in my opinion we will reach the final agreement before the new year".

Significant progress is expected as early as tomorrow when all the advisors involved in the discussion will resume working hard. In short, the change of ownership (highly anticipated by the fans since the day Rome had directly confirmed the existence of "preliminary contacts with potential investors in order to allow them to evaluate the opportunity for a possible investment in AS ROMA SPV LLO ") appears imminent. Accelerating everything would have been the work done by the two entourages in the last five days, with Rome CEO Guido Fienga at the center of operations. Friedkin , together with his son Ryan (who should move to Rome to manage the club), has decided to invest between 750 and 780 million in the Giallorossi club, to which the 270 million debts and 150 for the recapitalization must be scaled.

Obviously, if the deal arrives, it will take some technical time to completely close the deal as the various contracts with the twelve companies that gravitate around As Roma Spv Llc will have to be finalized.

Rome, who is Dan Friedkin.

Born in California but Texan by adoption, Dan Friedkin, 54, is known to be the Toyota man in the United States. He inherited the business from the family, but was able to diversify by adding the hotel and cinema production sectors to cars. He is described as a very active man in environmental protection operations, concert financing and public relations in the US jet set. He has a personal fortune estimated at 4.2 billion dollars, four times higher than that of Jim Pallotta. Forbes places him in 25th place in the ranking of the richest men in Texas, one of the regions in the world with the highest concentration of billionaires, at 187th in America and 504th in the world. (Source Agi).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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