Rome, Spinazzola is unleashed on Instagram: “Let the field speak”. Politano puts the little hearts on him

Roma, Spinazzola si sfoga su Instagram: "Lasciamo parlare il campo". Politano gli mette i cuoricini

Rome, Spinazzola vents on Instagram, Politano comments with the little hearts

ROME – The exchange market transfer between Inter and Roma has jumped, Spinazzola has returned to the capital and Politano has returned to Milan. Up to this moment, Roma has earned it. Spinazzola returned to the Giallorossi with great enthusiasm. Fonseca lined him up in Genoa and the full back paid him off with a better performance on the pitch. After the game, we wanted to vent on Instagram because some had questioned his physical condition calling him "broken": "   Let the field speak. Great victory. Great performance.  #GenoaRoma #AsRoma ".

Many replied on Instagram to encourage him, among these comments, Matteo Politano's stands out. The attacker was forced to return to Inter but would have liked to stay in Rome as his hearts show under Spinazzola's post or his photo with the yellow and red scarf. Despite the exchange has jumped, Roma will try to borrow it anyway also because Politano only wants the Giallorossi.

Spinazzola didn't just let off steam on Instagram, he also released the following statements to Sky Sport's microphones: “I'm fine, I'm a player of the National team, I've shot good teams now I'm in Rome and it seems crazy that I'm broken: today I ran a lot, and also in Milan I trained alone in the gym.

I am now in Rome and I am only thinking about this. It was a beautiful intense week, I wanted to play a good game and I wanted to win, I did both and now we think of Juve and then the derby: a very intense week awaits us, against teams at a great time and with very strong players " (source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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