Rome, Spinazzola immediately ko. Skip the Genoa, maybe even the derby

Roma Spinazzola infortunio Genoa Lazio rischio

Leonardo Spinazzola during a press conference in Rome (photo Ansa)

ROME – The championship has not even started but Roma already has to deal with an injury of a new purchase. As Il Corriere dello Sport writes, Leonardo Spinazzola , following a muscular problem he suffered during training, was subjected to an MRI that revealed a distracting event on the left femoral biceps.

This injury puts him out of action for Roma-Genoa, first day of the season, and puts him at great risk also for Lazio-Roma, a derby that will light the second day of Serie A.

Fortunately for Fonseca, Roma is well covered in that area of ​​the field where, in the last pre-season friendlies, Aleksander Kolarov was confirmed as the owner. But Spinazzola is an important footballer for the Giallorossi because he will have to guarantee Kolarov a turnover that did not take place last year.

Rome, Dzeko returns to speak and reveals: "Florenzi had offered me the captain's armband to make me stay. I rejected it because he deserves it. "

"Florenzi told me every day that, if I had stayed, he would have willingly given me the captain's armband. My teammates are also friends, brothers.
"You're not going anywhere," they told me. Here I have a beautiful relationship with everyone. Florenzi and Pellegrini told me 'you stay here with us'. In the end I stayed ".

So Edin Dzeko, fresh from renewal, in an interview published by Rome's social media channels. "The sensations I felt here made the difference in my choice – adds the Giallorossi striker – it is not the first time I say it, but it is also the case for my wife and my children, who were born here. When we were on vacation, my daughter always used to say to me: 'Dad, let's go home to Rome'. And then I'm happy if I see the others happy that he remained in the ranks of the Giallorossi, where everyone loves me and respects me "(sources Il Corriere dello Sport and Ansa).

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