Rome, Petrachi: “Zaniolo, Smalling and Mkhitaryan? We will try to keep them but it will be a difficult transfer market “

ROME – After months in which Rome has remained silent , the director Petrachi has returned to talk about the transfer market (which would also be in the balance …).

In fact, if the team of the capital had changed hands, probably Petrachi would be removed from his post for a joke about Friedkin ( "Do not get Scrooge 'Scrooge …).

However, returning to current affairs , Petrachi spoke to Sky Sport about the transfer market that awaits the Giallorossi club.

According to what is declared by the current Giallorossi ds, Roma will do everything to keep Zaniolo, Smalling and Mkhitaryan.

We obviously speak of three different situations because Zaniolo is already from Rome while Smalling and Mkhitaryan are to be redeemed shortly.

The statements made by Petrachi to Sky Sport are reported by

“Nicolò represents the player who excites.

I will do everything to hold him back and I think the line is that.

The transfer market puts you in front of many difficulties, but the will is to keep our big names ".

“Lorenzo Pellegrini has first of all a rescission clause.

He is very close to Roma, but when there is a clause if a player decides to go he is free to do so.

I have little doubt that in any case, if an offer arrives, he can think of leaving Rome.

He has seen credibility and how much Rome has changed in the last year and wants to believe in the project.

My loan players are very happy with us.

They are titular players, apart from Kalinic.

We have to wait and understand how to fix the loans.

Having a daily interview with the players I am confident that my boys and girls want to continue the season with us even after June 30th.

Smalling and Mkhitaryan?

They and the numbers testify to it are two winning loans.

We lost Mkhitaryan from physical problems.

Their families are happy and Roma will do everything to keep them.

We will succeed or not, we will see it later ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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