Rome, Petrachi: “Zaniolo and Florenzi to date are not on the market. I scolded Nicolò for making it grow “

Roma, Petrachi: "Zaniolo e Florenzi ad oggi non sono sul mercato. Ho sgridato Nicolò per farlo crescere"

Rome sports director Gianluca Petrachi during a press conference to present Spinazzola. Photo

ROME – During the presentation press conference of Leonardo Spinazzola , the Roma director Gianluca Petrachi also spoke about the Giallorossi market. Petrachi spoke in depth about Zaniolo and Florenzi. His statements were reported by the Corriere dello Sport.

"I scolded like a Zaniolo family man, with all the affection of this world, to make him come back to have his head on his shoulders and we immediately talked about selling him and this is not true. I have to work to try to get the best out of Zaniolo, my work is not limited to the transfer market, I have direct contact with my players.

I see them every day, like brothers, I still feel my shoes on. If you mount something on every word it's not good. I didn't say those words at the conference to sell it. I never sold Zaniolo. It was thought that Juventus never sold Zidane, but then he did. Zaniolo, today, is not on the market. We will have to evaluate everything, but we must be clear.

I spoke in the same way as Baldini, who can be a resource for Petrachi. Talk has returned in the last week, and it's the last time I talk about it. If I do a negotiation and I realize that maybe Baldini worked there for several years and knows the leaders and needs a termination clause to take him away (I mean Alderweireld) Franco can be supportive of Rome.

I make use of his qualities, because one can base oneself, he is supportive, he helps. If we want to say that he does the Rome market, it's a mistake, I don't like misunderstandings. In the specific case of Alderweireld it could be an idea to save money, so if Franco tells us tomorrow we can take it without a clause. Thanks and congratulations, it was helpful to Rome.

Florenzi is the captain of Rome, I never put it on the market. I have not called anyone to say that it is coming out, if offers arrive they are evaluated, but generally we know them well, but it is not worth to flaunt them on the rooftops and it is not necessary to feed useless things "(source Il Corriere dello Sport).

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