Rome market, Rugani closer and closer: here are the figures for the deal

Daniele Rugani

Daniele Rugani (photo Ansa)

ROME – Today, as they say in these cases, it could be the day of the passage of Daniele Rugani from Juventus to Roma. Juve wants 30 million. The Rome proposes a loan with conditional redemption right. It remains to be seen whether the two clubs will manage to find a summary. For sports newspapers it seems so.

Will Rugani take Manolas' place? It seems so, as mentioned, even if Rome will continue to look around for another plant. In fact, another goal of the Giallorossi is Dejan Lovren from Liverpool.

The 25-year-old Juventus defender is the only one in the department who has not played even a minute in the last friendly and is evidently one of the expendable redundancies for the Juventus club. Maurizio Sarri a few days ago had spoken of at least six redundancies. The first could be Rugani. And the others? In the next few days Juventus will also try to sell Paulo Dybala, also offered to Manchester United before the transfer of Lukaku to Inter, Gonzalo Higuain, on which there is also Roma and Mario Mandžukić. But the list is not over here.

It remains to be seen whether and how Juventus will be able to sell these players.

Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport.

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