Rome market: Mkhitaryan one step away. Kalinic, via Schick, also arrives

Calciomercato Roma: Henrikh Mkhitaryan a un passo. Arriva anche Kalinic, via Schick

Mkhitaryan with the Arsenal shirt (Ansa archival photo)

ROME – Calciomercato Rome: Henrikh Mkhitaryan is one step away. The Arsenal Armenian midfielder is expected to be in the capital for hours and would be the final blow to the transfer market of the Giallorossi team. The news was given by Gianluca Di Marzio on Sky at the end of the derby against Lazio.

Mkhitaryan has been at Arsenal for a few years, where he basically replaced Ozil as a midfielder in recent seasons. Last year he was at the center of a geopolitical football case: he was not called up for the Europa League final that was played in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan (a country in very bad relations with Armenia).

Rome market: Kalinic also arrives.

Nikola Kalinic will also be a short-time Giallorossi: the Croatian striker, currently at Atletico Madrid, has played in the past in Serie A, with Fiorentina (good) and Milan (less well) jerseys. From the perspective of the Romanist leaders, Kalinic will be Dzeko's reserve.

Rome: Schick towards Leipzig.

His arrival will lead to the inevitable transfer of Schick to the Germans of Leipzig. For the Czech striker one can safely talk of failure in Rome after two seasons of eternal promise, never kept. Among other things, Schick had been taken by Rome two summers ago, becoming the most expensive purchase in the history of Rome. (Source Sky).

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