Rome market, Higuain remains the first choice. Dzeko, Ben Yedder and Mariano Diaz confirm the alternatives

Calciomercato Roma Higuain Ben Yedder Mariano Diaz

Higuain celebrates after scoring with the Juventus jersey. You could switch to Rome in this transfer market (photo Ansa)

ROME – Gonzalo Higuain remains the first transfer market choice for Rome's attack. Juventus told his brother agent he wanted to sell it, this decision did not change even after the good performance of the Argentine striker during the Asian tour. Roma remains on pole for the Argentine striker of Juventus.

Rome market, Higuain: next week will be very important.

Now that Juventus has returned to Italy, Rome's assault on Gonzalo Higuain inevitably starts. Juve has authorized the Giallorossi club to start negotiations with the Argentine and his agent. In the coming days there should be a meeting in Turin between the Roma ds Gianluca Petrachi and Higuain himself. One thing is certain, if Rome fails to reach Higuain it will try to convince Dzeko to stay with the right reasons (and in that case the Bosnian contract should be renewed).

The hypothesis remains remote because Dzeko has promoted himself to Inter and the Nerazzurri will try to do everything to take it, given the difficulties in reaching Romelu Lukaku (Manchester United claims 85 million euros and is not interested in the technical counterparts offered by the Nerazzurri Ivan Perisic was interested in the English club in the past, now not).

If Rome were unable to convince Higuain, and did not find an agreement with Dzeko for the renewal of his contract, he would go to other tracks.

Before mentioning the possible alternatives to Higuain, we say that, as reported by Il Corriere dello Sport, also the external consultant of Rome Franco Baldini will try to convince him. The relationship between the two is excellent because it was Baldini himself who brought him very young to Real Madrid.

Let's move on to the alternatives. Radamel Falcao was offered to Roma but his engagement is not within the reach of the Giallorossi. Credible alternatives to Gonzalo Higuain and Edin Dzeko are Ben Yedder of Sevilla and Mariano Diaz of Real Madrid.

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