Rome market: Higuain in exchange for Zaniolo? Why yes and why not

Calciomercato Roma: Gonzalo Higuain in cambio di Zaniolo? Perché sì e perché no

Rome market: Higuain in exchange for Zaniolo? Why yes and why not (Ansa archive photo)

ROME – Higuain to Rome in exchange for Zaniolo ? He knows a lot about summer boutadas, but since the transfer market is about to get underway, everything is legitimate. On the other hand there was talk of the possibility of seeing Icardi at Rome, in the Dzeko affair … And all this, it is good to remember, while the Giallorossa society does not yet have a coach (although Fonseca seems more than a voice).

Transfer to Higuain at Rome: why it is possible.

Let's try to understand what could push Higuain to Rome. First of all, the evaluation is in sharp decline: who remembers that Juve paid it to the Naples about 90 million? The last troubled season (with escape from Milan and instrumentation at Chelsea) have lowered the price, so much so that assuming an exchange on a par with Zaniolo (evaluating it therefore between 40 and 50 million euros) is not so far from the value of market.

It is also difficult for Higuain to remain at Juventus, despite the increasingly likely arrival of his mentor Sarri on the Juventus bench. By now his break with the Bianconeri environment seems incurable (besides a cohabitation with Ronaldo of difficult implementation), even if we must not forget that Bonucci was welcomed with open arms after a year of "punishment" to Milan.

Transfer to Higuain at Rome: because it is unlikely.

What could have been a revival operation (for Higuain in search of stability and for Rome in search of a striker to replace Dzeko) seems at the moment a suggestion destined to remain so. Suffice it to recall the Pharaonic contract of the Argentinian striker and the intent of the Roman society to rejuvenate the rose.

If Juventus wanted Zaniolo at all costs, it would be more reasonable for him to include players like Mandzukic, Cuadrado or Perin (other players given out of Juve) on the scales. (Source Tuttosport).

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