Rome, Mancini-Zaniolo quarrel: Veretout’s explanation

Lite between Mancini and Zaniolo during Rome-Verona. The defender scolded the attacker for not returning to defense. This is explained by Veretout.

During the second half of Rome-Verona, Mancini scolded Zaniolo because the Giallorossi jewel did not return to defense.

Mr. Fonseca also spoke of the episode at the end of the game on Sky Sport's microphones.

“I must say that I didn't like Zaniolo on that occasion so Mancini did well to encourage him because he is more experienced. It is also very important to do the defensive phase to help the rest of the team. "

Jordan Veretout also spoke of this dispute on the pitch between Mancini and Zaniolo, one of the scorers, thanks to a transformed penalty, of Roma-Verona.

The statements made by Veretout to Sky Sport are reported by the Corriere dello Sport.

“Mancini is a boy who always wants to win and when he sees a behavior like that of Zaniolo, who is not used to doing this, he gets nervous.

Because we could have scored goals in the end. It is important, however, that in the locker room we are all together, they are friends and there will be no problem.

Sometimes, however, you need strong words, the most important thing today was victory “.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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