Rome, Juan Jesus is a coincidence: “The four pieces I take will not fix the budget”

ROME – In the last few hours, chaos has broken out in some of Rome's social outlets for Juan Jesus .

The Brazilian defender joked against the Giallorossi club, because he did not include him in a tweet with the other players, and against a fan who accused him of his salary.

"They are not the four quick change that I take to help Rome settle the budget."

In reality Jesus earns 2.2 million euros per season, a decidedly high salary for a reserve.

Roma count the days that separate it from the return to the pitch, scheduled for Wednesday evening at the Olimpico with Samp, but in the Giallorossi environment to hold the bench are essentially the suspension of the DS Petrachi and the possibility of the Friedkin Group to present a new offer to purchase the club.

Corporate affairs, explains Federico Fazio, do not risk deconcentrating Fonseca's team.

"Absolutely no. We want to find ourselves on the field, there are no distractions. Let's just think about the Europa League and hit the Champions League "the defender's words to Sky.

Thursday in Trigoria the shareholders' meeting to face the company's balance sheet, characterized by an increasingly negative balance sheet (losses as of March 31st amounted to 126.4 million euros).

Juan Jesus is a case for Roma, his hit and answer with a fan.

The accounts in red are now another hot topic for the fans, proof of this is the hit and response that took place via social media between Juan Jesus and a user.

The Brazilian commented on the post in which the company announced the countdown to the game with Sampdoria, "accusing" with evident irony the club of not having highlighted it in the published photo.

“Nice that not even Roma put me in their profile. This means trust ", the message from the central, with an attached laugh, which generated some joking answers, but also a spicy reply (" Maybe it's time you saved us two money ") linked to the salary of the player who has a contract until to 2021 of approximately 2.5 million euros.

Juan Jesus then replied for the rhymes ("In your opinion, is the budget okay for me? Did you skip the math lesson?") Closing the question shortly after with a relaxing message:

“See you soon for a coffee and two laughs. But pay for yourself. "

To qualify the budget deficit of Rome would be the qualification for the next Champions League.

“We are less than three from Atalanta – remembers Fazio, with the gap that could increase tomorrow evening as the Bergamo players make up for the match against Sassuolo – we believe it until the end.

We have twelve games, it will be a great challenge for us. We have the desire to return to play the Champions League. The motivations are high, we want to start again ". (source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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