Rome-Higuain, that’s what’s missing. On the social networks already check the shirt …

Roma-Higuain, ecco cosa manca. Sui social già spunta la maglia...

Rome-Higuain, that's what's missing. On the social networks already check the shirt …

ROME – Rome has come out into the open: it wants Higuain. The statements made today by Giallorossi sports director Gianluca Petrachi are not random. Roma wants to make Higuain feel important to convince him to marry the Giallorossi. For this reason, Petrachi compared him to a sacred monster like Batistuta.

Higuain has a contract with Juventus up to 2021 at 6.5 million euros net per season plus bonuses. This is a figure out of the market for Rome that wants to give it an engagement equal to that received by Dzeko. About Dzeko, to take Higuain it is essential to place the Bosnian at Inter. In reality, Roma wanted to give it elsewhere but Dzeko wants to go only to Inter.

Once the speech has been clarified, we move on to the negotiation between Rome and Juventus. The Giallorossi want to take the former Chelsea striker with a twelve-million-euro loan. The engagement of Higuain is slightly higher than that of Dzeko, who has one more year than Pipita: 13 million gross against 11. The parts are not far away, the agreement is close.

"Higuain as Batistuta", Petrachi exalts the Argentinian bomber.

The declarations made by the Rome ds are reported by the Corriere dello Sport. "I think that those who discuss Higuain can be crazy. Right now he has lost a bit of self-esteem and surely could be useful to Rome, if Dzeko goes away. But the reasons count very much. If something should be opened with Juventus, he must be the first to believe it.

I'm trying to bring players with this desire, the champion will certainly not make me put the salami on my eyes and not see if there is no spirit and desire, the champion will not put the salami between my eyes and not see that he may not have that spirit, that desire. 360 degree evaluations will be made.

To find the real Higuain there is no better solution than Rome. Here he could follow in the footsteps of his compatriot Batistuta, here he left an indelible mark on Rome. These are things of the market that naturally will have to be evaluated later.

Today I want to think that Dzeko is a Roma footballer, who will realize in retirement that the air is changing, that the new DS, the new CEO and the new coach want to do things in a certain way. Then we will evaluate everything. If he wants to leave, Inter has to pay the player well because he has to allow us to go to the market and have some money in his pocket, otherwise I won't do it. "

The Rome-Higuain article , here's what's missing. On the social networks the jersey has already appeared … it seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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