Rome, goodbye De Rossi. The release of the Curva Sud: “Here is the choreography”

Roma, addio De Rossi. Il comunicato della Curva Sud: "Ecco la coreografia"

Rome, goodbye De Rossi. The release of the Curva Sud: "Here is the choreography". Photos ANSA / SIMONE ARVEDA

ROME – The Curva Sud, fringe warmer than the Romanist fans, wanted to salute Daniele De Rossi , who in a few hours will play the last match with the Roma shirt, with a press release where he also spoke about the choreography he will dedicate to the Giallorossi captain . The relationship between Daniele De Rossi and the Curva Sud has always been excellent. De Rossi has always reiterated the importance of the fans, the beating heart of the soccer world.

Rome, the South Curve pays tribute to Daniele De Rossi with a choreography.

«For Daniel, to honor one of the sons of Rome, one of us. We turn to all of you who tomorrow will populate the Curva Sud to follow meticulously the instructions of the boys of the groups so that everything will succeed for the best and we can greet in the way that the last flag that leaves our AS Rome deserves. First of all, the signal for the beginning of the choreography will be given by a small flag that will fly in the lower part of the curve at the entrance of the teams in the field.

After the signal, please do not raise anything other than the choreographic material provided by the groups. Therefore, at least initially, flags, flags and anything else must be stored. Finally, but not in order of importance, we ask you to give everything to cheer level for 90 minutes. Out of the voice for Rome and for Daniele De Rossi, we leave an indelible memory in the heart of a Romanist like us. Forward Curva Sud ».

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