Rome, Gianluca Mancini married his Elisa in Florence

Gianluca Mancini ha sposato la sua Elisa a Firenze

Gianluca Mancini and his Elisa during a visit to the Colosseum (photo from Instagram)

FLORENCE – Gianluca Mancini , 23-year-old defender of Roma and the Italian National Football Team, married his Elisa in Florence in the splendid Church of San Salvatore in Ognissanti. The teammates in the Giallorossi and in the National Lorenzo Pellegrini and Leonardo Spinazzola also participated in the ceremony. Mancini and Elisa met many years ago, when the defender took his first steps in the Fiorentina youth team (for this reason they chose a church in Florence).

From that moment they are inseparable. It is true love between the two as Elisa and Mancini got together when the defender was not yet a professional footballer. Mancini considers her a point of reference and for this reason she has chosen the number 23, in her honor since it is the day they got engaged.

Mancini took his first steps as a professional footballer in Perugia but it is with the Atalanta shirt that he consecrated himself at high levels. For this reason, Roma has paid out a total of 23 million euros to buy it.

In the Giallorossi he did very well, he became the defense pillar together with Smalling. Not only that, Mancini has proven to be very flexible from a tactical point of view since he also played in midfield when Diawara and Cristante were out due to injury. A young champion who collects enormous satisfactions in the field and in private life.

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