Rome, Gasperini is approaching. De Rossi could be his deputy

Roma, Gasperini si avvicina. De Rossi potrebbe essere il suo vice

Rome, Gasperini is approaching. De Rossi could be his deputy. Photos ANSA / MATTEO BAZZI

BERGAMO – Atalanta celebrates its first historic qualification in the Champions League but the coach Gasperini is the first of the question marks of a team and a company that have by now assumed the dimension of big addition: if the president Antonio Percassi Sunday evening at Mapei Stadium assured that it wanted to keep the technician close, but the person concerned remarked that he still had to sit at the table with the management. Reaffirming an already known concept: it continues only if there is full sharing of ideas.

Rome, Gasperini could leave Atalanta as a matter of consistency.

In the last post-race press conference of a very long ride, the technician, alluding albeit covertly to the figures circulating on his account with regards to the rumor pre-contracted with Roma, did not make it a question of money but of consistency: "Last summer I had spoken of a "sad market" when I heard that I was holding the strongest rose in the history of Atalanta, "his words in the belly of the Reggio stadium. The property wants to support it without selling and indeed buying the necessary grafts (source Ansa).

Rome, De Rossi deputy of Gasperini? The Atalanta technician values ​​it a lot.

De Rossi decided to leave Rome because the Giallorossi club did not renew his contract as a player but he did it mainly as a matter of pride. A De Rossi did not like how it was treated, ignored for a whole year and liquidated two days from the end of the championship.

De Rossi already works as a coach. For this reason it could remain at Rome in the role of deputy of the next coach. De Rossi has refused the position of manager because he wants a more incisive role.

The post of assistant coach could pave the way to the bench of his dreams which is obviously that of Rome. Gasperini is not the only coach who would like De Rossi in his staff, in the last hours even Giampaolo, current Sampdoria coach, said he would like to have a charismatic leader like De Rossi in his technical staff.

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