Rome, for the bench check Mihajlovic: contacts started

roma mihajlovic

Mihajlovic at Roma. Yesterday the meeting, a solution advocated by Petrachi

ROME – Roma is working to decide who will be the next coach. After the refusals of Conte and Gasperini, the new sporting director Gianluca Petrachi , who still has to be formalized, would have already identified the right name for the Giallorossa bench. The name is that of Sinisa Mihajlovic , currently at Bologna.

In the various surveys made (also Giampaolo, De Zerbi and Gattuso are in contention) the profile of the Serbian is considered the one with the most congenial characteristics for the moment that it crosses Rome . There is a relationship of great respect between Petrachi and Mihajlovic. The ds appreciates Mihajlovic's ability to make his teams play well, the offensive idea of ​​football, the charisma and the qualities of a leader. In the first contacts between the parties, Gianluca Di Marzio reports to Sky Sport 24, the Giallorossi managers would have seen the right spark in the eyes of the coach, who would accept the hypothesis Rome also net of his past in Lazio, where he played for since 1998 to 2004. (source SKY SPORT)

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