Rome football market: Mustafi, Lovren, Nkoulou or Rugani. Fonseca claims a central

Calciomercato Roma Mustafi Nkoulou Lovren Rugani

Rugani with the shirt of Juventus, could move to Rome during this transfer market (photo Ansa)

ROME – We have entered the final stage of the transfer market and coaches inevitably talk about it even in press conferences before the games. Paulo Fonseca had been clear in the past and he was clear even today before Roma- Genoa, the Giallorossi need a central defender.

The Portuguese coach perfectly described the characteristics of the central defender of his dreams: "I was clear with the manager Petrachi. He knows perfectly what I want and what we need. Buying so much to buy is of no use. We need a central defender who is ready, experienced and has already played internationally. We need a profile like that to complete the squad, if we can't get there it's better not to take anything because as I just said, it's no good buying so much to buy ”.

Fonseca also took stock of the defenders at his disposal: "Fazio and Juan Jesus will play tomorrow who are the defenders who gave me more guarantees in pairs during this preseason. You ask me about Mancini and I tell you that he is a very talented young man, otherwise we would not have bought him but he is not yet ready to be the owner. He must be more in tune with his teammates and with my tactical form but it is normal because he is young and because he has just arrived here with us. Give it time ".

Rome football market: Mustafi, Lovren, Nkoulou or Rugani. Who will be the chosen one?

Meanwhile, it must be said that Roma would like to take one of these defenders with the formula of the loan with the right or the obligation of redemption. Like Mustafi, Lovren, Nkoulou and Rugani.

Mustafi is leaving Arsenal and he knows our league because he has already played with Sampdoria, Lovren is leaving Liverpool but the two companies are far from an economic agreement, Nkoulou is the real goal of Petrachi but hardly his old president will make discounts and at the moment the operation is too onerous for Roma, Rugani would be the player closest to the Giallorossi but the two companies disagree on the ratings of the youth cards (Riccardi and Celar) that Roma has entered into the negotiation of transfer market.

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