Rome breaks with Inter, Barella case locks Dzeko sale

Roma rompe con Inter, caso Barella blocca cessione Dzeko

Rome breaks with Inter, Barella case blocks Dzeko sale.

ROME – While the market relations between Rome and Juventus are booming, the same cannot be said of the Giallorossi's relationship with Inter. Everyone took for granted the sale of Dzeko to Inter, also because the Bosnian bomber wants to go to Milan, but the Barella case has shocked relations between the two companies.

Roma gave an ultimatum to Inter: leave Barella alone or you won't have Dzeko. The Bosnian striker is considered indispensable by Antonio Conte also because the Nerazzurri are encountering many difficulties, above all economic, in the negotiations for Romelu Lukaku of Manchester United.

The fate of Rome and Inter crossed in the Barella affair. Inter has an agreement with the player, while Roma has the agreement with Cagliari as admitted by the same president of the Sardinian Tommaso Giulini with the following statements:

"It seems disrespectful to Cagliari to talk about an auction for Barella – he started – and the situation is very clear: on 11 June we reached an agreement with Inter on the fixed part of the card and I think this is the most important thing in every negotiation. There were only bonuses to discuss. Since then, however, we haven't heard Inter for 20 days and I don't know if it's more interested in the boy ».

"In the meantime, an even more important proposal from Rome has arrived and we have closed with them. We are satisfied. Will Barella go to Rome? Now I think it's legitimate for the boy to take two days to decide his future. He has never been oriented towards anything and has never had any agreements with anyone: he is simply taking a few days to evaluate the new situation. We hope the matter closes quickly. Did Marotta raise the offer this morning? I did not see it".

In short, Inter have long since snatched the successes of Barella and Dzeko but negotiations with Cagliari and Rome are increasingly tense and complicated.

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