Rome, banner: “Pallotta go away, we want Ferrero”. PHOTO

Roma, striscione: "Pallotta vattene, vogliamo Ferrero". FOTO

Rome, banner: "Pallotta go away, we want Ferrero". PHOTO Ansa (Credit: Presutti) – BY F. GERACE

ROME – The protest against Roma fans against US president James Pallotta continues. As Ansa writes, publishing this photo, in the night in fact in different areas of the capital huge banners were exhibited with the words "Pallotta vattene, Roma wants Ferrero".

All the banners have the same writing and the reference to Ferrero somehow recalls the interest for the Giallorossi club manifested several times in the past by the current patron of Sampdoria, Massimo Ferrero, who is a Roman and Roma player.

The American president has taken note of the protest against the Giallorossi fans but has no intention of leaving the Capitoline club. Pallotta is convinced he can win trophies aimed at hungry youngsters with high hopes. The construction of the new Rome will be entrusted to Petrachi, former Turin sports director who will be announced in the coming hours.

When Massimo Ferrero said: "I buy Rome when Pallotta retires …".

Some time ago, Massimo Ferrero was interviewed by Mara Venier, during the Rai television program " Domenica In ". Massimo Ferrero told Mara Venier that he had a dream. Which? To buy Rome . The "maggica". Who knows how the Samp fans will take it.

"But I know you would also like to become president of Rome, they told me …" says Mara Venier. "But it should not be said – Ferrero answers among the applause of the public – But you know … Everyone has a dream. I know 'Roman, Roman, Romanist born in Testaccio … ". And while Ferrero speaks, the audience hears a shout: "Daje!".

"More than that – Ferrero is exalted – n'se bit '. Aho e 'namo … ". "And one day – continues the current president of Samp – when Mr. Pallotta says' Okay mo me I retire 'there, do' ', in America, I understand, I'm ready Pallotta, so we give to' sti lupacchiotti the Rome they deserve … ". And the audience in the studio, of Romanist faith by eye, is exalted.

The Rome article , banner: "Pallotta get out, we want Ferrero". PHOTO seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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