Rome, anti-Semitic stickers: “Lazio, Naples, Israel. Same colors, same flags. Mer ** “

Roma, adesivi antisemiti: "Lazio, Napoli, Israele. Stessi colori, stesse bandiere. Mer**"

Rome, anti-Semitic stickers: "Lazio, Naples, Israel. Same colors, same flags. Mer ** "(Photo Ansa)

ROME – Anti-Semitic stickers appeared on some walls of the Roman districts of Prati and Balduina. On the stickers there is the inscription: "Lazio, Naples, Israel. Same colors. Same flags. Merde ".

Immediate condemnation of the president of the delegation for relations with Israel of the European Union, Fulvio Martusciello: "Anti-Semitism is a difficult evil to eradicate that grows in ignorance and that too often is underestimated. The writings of pseudo Roma fans – underlines Martusciello – are unanimously condemned and show how much violence plays on stadiums ".

The position of Lazio communication manager Arturo Diaconale, which recalls the figurines with the image of Anna Frank with the shirt of Rome that a few years ago were left by some Lazio fans: "When last year at Inside the southern corner of the Olimpico stadium in Rome some figurines appeared by some Lazio fans with the image of Anna Frank in the role of Rome's supporter, a wave of national and international indignation triggered by the paper, television and radio media of half a planet tended to paint the entire Lazio fan-club in a mass of anti-Semitic neo-Nazis to be condemned for eternity. Today, along the streets of the capital appear posters with the inscription 'Lazio, Naples, Israel, same colors, same flags, m *** e', does not trigger any form of indignation and condemnation ".

"Maybe because – writes Diaconal online – the posters in question were not posted inside the Olympic stadium and if they appear only on the streets can be robbed in simple manifestation of thought is also incorrect? Or why should stadium antisemitism be condemned while city anti-Zionism is considered admissible on the grounds that dead Jews are to be celebrated while those alive and present in Israel can be safely criminalized? (…) ".

"These questions – continues Diaconale – do not tend to justify the racial scourges on Anna Frank of some Lazio fans with the obvious scamplery of some Roman fans. They serve to highlight the absurdity of the two-weight rule and the two measures adopted by newspapers and broadcasters imbued with that unique thought that is scandalized by the alleged racism of others, but is unable to recognize its own. And they are directed to underline how it will be difficult to fight the violence inside and outside the stadiums until the politically correct doubleness continues to dominate the cultural and informative system. That double standardism that does not manifest itself only on the forms of demented racism of the extreme fringes of some supporters but that, for example, strikes Interior Minister Matteo Salvini guilty of having inspired common sense measures against violence in stadiums avoiding falling into rhetoric of one-way indignation so dear to the double standards of the single dominant thought ".

"A Salvini – concludes the communication manager of the club biancoceleste – is challenged to have opposed the stop of matches in the case of racist chants, a measure that would penalize the vast majority of non-racist fans and would make any football club subject to any form of blackmail from small groups of criminals infiltrated in the curves. The story lends itself to a precise consideration. Racism must be condemned in all its forms, but also cretinaggine and political exploitation deserve the same! ".

The Rome article , anti-Semitic stickers: "Lazio, Naples, Israel. Same colors, same flags. Mer ** " seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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