Roma responds to Totti: “We are bitter. Fanciful Perception of Facts “

Roma La Roma risponde a Totti: "Siamo amareggiati. Percezione dei fatti fantasiosa"

Roma responds to Totti: "We are bitter. Fanciful Perception of Facts ". Photos ANSA / MASSIMO PERCOSSI

ROME – As Roma responds to Francesco Totti with a press release just published on the website of the Giallorossi. A foregone answer after the harsh accusations made by Francesco Totti regarding American property and Franco Baldini ( here his integral declarations at the press conference goodbye to Rome).

"The Club is extremely disappointed to learn that Francesco Totti has announced to leave the Company and not to assume the position of Technical Director of AS Roma. We proposed this role after the departure of Monchi and we were still waiting for an answer. We believe that the role offered to Francesco is one of the highest in our managerial frameworks: a position that obviously requires total dedication and commitment, as is expected of all managers within the Club.

We were ready to be patient with Francesco and help him put this transformation from being a great soccer player into a great manager. The role of Technical Director is the position in which we believed could grow and in which we proposed to support him during the adaptation phase.

Although we understand how difficult it was for him to decide to leave the AS Roma after thirty years, we can only note that his perception of the facts and choices adopted by the Club is imaginative and far from reality.

Regarding the repeated references to its possible return with the establishment of a new property, in addition to the information collected by him all over the world about interested parties in the Club, we hope that this is not an inappropriate anticipation of an attempt to acquire : scenario that could be very delicate given the fact that AS Roma is a publicly traded company.

The property has no intention of putting Rome on sale now or in the future.

We wish Francesco good luck in what he decides to do ”.

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