Roma-Milan 1-1, Zaniolo replies to Piatek and Donnarumma saves his team. Inter in freefall

Roma-Milan 1-1, Zaniolo risponde a Piatek e Donnarumma salva i suoi. Inter in caduta libera

Zaniolo scored in Roma-Milan 1-1. Photo ANSA / ANGELO CARCONI

ROME – If at the top the situation is quite outlined, with Juventus having a reassuring advantage of +9 on Napoli and with the Neapolitans who are the masters of the second place at +11 on Inter, it is brawl for the assignment of the other two Champions seats. L ' Inter is in free fall , every game collects the whistles of his fans who clamor for the exoneration of Spalletti. The start of 2019 of the Nerazzurri was a nightmare. Before the 0-0 draw at home against Sassuolo, then the defeat of Turin, to follow the elimination from the Italian Cup by the hand of Lazio, until you get to the lowest point of the season, today's home defeat against a Bologna in full crisis, entangled in the fight not to recede, fresh coach again, who dominated at San Siro looking like Real Madrid.

Inter is gone and Spalletti's head weighs Antonio Conte's shadow tremendously. Also because the market is now closed and in these cases the payer is always the coach. Despite the denials of the rite of Marotta, Antonio Conte is close to the bench of the Nerazzurri and in recent days was sighted near the headquarters of Inter. Marotta's plan is to reconstitute the synergy with Conte, which at the time of Juventus has brought many successes.

In the postponement of the day , Roma seemed the sacrificial victim in the presence of a Milan that came from a clear success against Napoli in the Italian Cup. The Giallorossi were back from two beating, the incredible comeback suffered in Bergamo and the defeat of Florence with seven goals on the rump. To complicate even more the situation, there was the bitter contest of the fans against the players of Rome (in particular Kolarov for his reaction to a fan before the game of the Italian Cup). But football knows how to overturn any logic and in the field the Giallorossi have dominated from the point of view of the game and tied the game only for a sleep of Fazio on Piatek and for a Donnarumma that at the Olimpico has pulled out of the cylinder the best performance of the his career.

The Milan defender has made miraculous saves in the series. In the first half he was the champion on a diagonal of Zaniolo with a sure shot, then he showed a double parry to scream on a header by Schick and on the tap in close up of Dzeko. In the second half he has taken away from the net an angular shot of Dzeko, he was saved by Pellegrini's header from the post and also in the occasion of Roma's goal with Zaniolo he managed to remove from the bag with a feline leap an attempt to Musacchio's own goal. .

By virtue of these results, Inter remains third but with only 4 points ahead of Milan and 5 points over Roma. In this threesome, Lazio could be added in a few hours. Beating Frosinone, the Biancocelesti would hook the Roma in fifth place and would lead to one less than Milan. The same scenario could concern Atalanta in case of success in Cagliari. Sampdoria also remains in the race with 33 points, Fiorentina and Torino with 31 points. If the scudetto fight bores, we are consoling ourselves with the most balanced and intricate Champions League race in recent years.

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