Roma-Lazio. Pau Lopez and Strakosha, the duck is served. Derby decided by the goalkeepers

Roma-Lazio. Pau Lopez e Strakosha, la papera è servita. I portieri decidono il derby

Rome-Lazio, the duck of Strakosha (Ansa)

ROME – A nice derby ruined by the goalkeepers' ducks. At least the 1 to 1 of the last Rome-Lazio is all their stuff, goslings and butterfly hunting eventually distribute luck and bad luck impartially. All in ten minutes, between the 25th and 34th of the first half.

It matters little that an arrembante Rome has dominated and in the end complaints for the lost opportunity: the Spaniard Pau Lopez, so far always above sufficiency and always concentrated, perhaps he really is stronger with his feet than with his fists.

Lazio, potentially second (must recover the game with Verona), has shown in many games of this excellent championship that the opponent can suffer for most of the match before launching the deadly paw, the decisive counter-attack. But with a tourist Strakosha instead of master of his penalty area how can he even dream of the assault on the leaders Juve?

Pau Lopez and Strakosha, a Spanish and an Albanian, a sign of the times: what happened to the Italian goalkeeping school, the pride and defense of national football?

The Albanian butterfly Strakosha

The first duck, that of Strakosha, is a miraculous combination of untimely and poor reading of the game. On an almost harmless launch from midfield, he miscalculated the trajectory and found himself jumping with Dzeko and a partner as if he were a defender at the edge of his area. Had he forgotten why he's wearing huge gloves? In fact, the Bosnian scored from the back of the neck, without looking so much the door was unguarded.

The Spaniard Pau Lopez good with his feet: he saw himself!

What about Pau Lopez's suicidal intervention? Cristante's header was destined to come out. To avoid the corner kick with the fist he puts it back into play, badly. To remedy smanaccia offering an incredulous Acerbi the most comfortable of assists. It was taken because it plays well with the feet. It has been seen. (source Tim Calcio Serie A)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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